The Goat Lawn & Tree Services provides Landscaping Services. The following Landscape services we offer are.

Sod Installation
Sometimes it is more time efficient to install new sod rather than taking the time to revive an old lawn. Reviving an old lawn be very time consuming and if not cared for properly will not show results. When we lay new sod, we take out any old grass or weeds before applying new sod. We till up the dirt to allow new grass roots to grow in. We grade the dirt to get a flat surface when walking on. After grass is laid we roll with a sod roller to flatten surface and grow into the soil.

We offer mulching to Landscape beds or around trees. There are many different types of mulch from dyed mulch (red,black,brown) to rubber mulch. We install all types depending on your preference or needs.

Uses plants that require little water and techniques that efficiently use water and reduce evaporation.

Landscape Maintenance
If you currently have landscaping that need maintenance such as replenishing rocks/mulch, replacing border/edging, or adding in new landscape fabric. We can take care of that as well.

We offer Tree Trimming Services to clients in Helotes, Shavano Park, McAllister Park, Hollywood Park, Leon Valley, Castle Hills, Balcones Heights, Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, Terrell Hills & San Antonio, TX.

We also provide Lawn Mowing Services to clients across Leon Valley, Helotes, Shavano Park, Alamo Ranch & Far West Side, TX.